Brynn is the other member of my Open team. Brynn came to me last year thanks to our dear and so sadly departed friend, Al Zuppan. I had sold Brynn to him as a baby puppy. She was one of a very successful cross; out of my old Jill and by Don Helsley's famous Cap.

Brynn came to me extremely trained, but quite green to trialing. She and I bonded immediately, but emulating Al's whistles has proved to be an ongoing challenge for me. Al did not use a mechanical whistle ... he did not use his fingers either. He just used his mouth. That is not a sound that is easy to duplicate. Anyway, Brynn is willing to overlook my faux pas in the whistling department and she is an incomparable team player.

Brynn is an interesting and unique dog in several aspects. She has a great deal of style, but very little eye. She commands respect from stock with no effort, but if needed she can back it all up with bite. Most of all, she has the longest tongue ever seen on any border collie. It's astounding.

I am happy and grateful every day that we were fortunate enough to have Brynn back in the Palm Cottage pack.

Lisa Berglund