Happy New Year to All of Our Friends!

So far in 2011,  mother nature has been kind to us here at Palm Cottage Farm and granted us a very mild winter.  Late January smiled upon us with some blissful sunny days, and early February is promising to do the same.  We're pathetically thrilled to be able to stay outside until after 6:00 p.m. with a little tiny bit of light left.  Bulbs are starting to poke their snouts up out of the earth and nubs of buds are popping out on the branches of our fruit trees.  Now we hope for no harsh frosts to impede all these precocious signs of Spring.

2011 has already brought a major renovation to the farm:  On January 25, Steve underwent a total hip replacement.  He came through the surgery and early stages of recovery like the  juggernaut  that he is.  Ahead lies the arduous and lengthy healing and rebuilding stages.  Steve is a good patient, but I know that being inactive is a challenge for him.  It will all be worthwhile though!

Palm Cottage Farm students have been making a lot of progress over the winter and we expect great strides from them as the trial season starts to gear up soon, and my dogs are ready to hit the road any time!

Next weekend we plan to head to Idaho for the El Presidente trial, followed immediately by Zamora ... and with that, I guess that 2011 trialling will be officially launched!

Lisa Berglund